Watch What They Do, Not What They Say

I wonder how many of you had a warning alert go off last night at the debate when Biden said to Trump: “I have not taken a penny for any foreign source ever in my life”

To a forensic accountant this is a huge red flag. I almost came straight out of my seat. I am sure that is a true statement but at the same time I feel it was used to deceive the nation.

The reason is we are talking about a “crime family” not a single fraudster.

If you understand how people hide money in overseas bank accounts, you will understand. The former business partner of Hunter Biden’s, Tony Bobulinski, has now come forward and filled in an important missing detail that show Joe Biden was the head of this enterprise, knew all about the details, but never had his finger print on the money. He always used a family member or a corporation to launder the money.

How many times does the phone ring in your home or office, you look at the caller ID and then decide if you will answer the call or let it roll to voice mail? That choice is what the family is selling. Pay enough money and your call gets answered and action you want is taken, no money your call is unanswered. Just that simple. How do you prove the call would have gone unanswered except for the money? It is hard. Seldom is there a direct link and there is almost never the money drop as shown in the old movies. You must look at any money that comes in can it be traced to a reasonable activity performed. Times have changed. We have digital transfers of money. We have virtual currency where it is hard to trace a transaction.

My guess as to what is going on is there are informal talks between various people. Money shows up in an account in another nation by money transfer (that has been proven). That account most likely owned by a corporation located in a file drawer in some attorney’s office. That money is then transferred to a tax haven in an offshore island somewhere it is safe from prying eyes. That account is owned and controlled by a “protector” which would never be a Biden or traceable to them. Any hint of an inquiry it will be gone and closed in a flash. When money does appear, it is moved to a U.S. based corporation as some sort of loan or fees. Now this corporation hires a family member to preform some type of who cares what or just a loan.

Walla, you can now say your have never taken a penny from a FOREIGN SOURCE. True but totally corrupt.

I hope everybody knows that because I have studied how this is done as part of my profession I never have and never will do it myself.