Tribute to a Junk Collector (not a hoarder just a collector).

As I have gotten older and go through my garage, I have had to come to the realization that I will no longer need or be able to work on all the things I enjoy working on for my lifetime, therefore I need to sell, donate or trash a lot of junk. I have accumulated parts for computers, plumbing, woodworking, electrical, automotive, camping etc. etc.

I was ready to take the big step until yesterday. I have now had what I will call a “Junk Collector Relapse”.

My wife & I put in a new A/C system last year, when I started having lung problems, to make sure I could keep the house cold in hot weather. I did not change out the heater or fans that circulate the air throughout the house. Yesterday about 2:30 PM there came a howl form my A/C the volume about as loud as a fire siren on a fire truck. As the temperature went up in the house my lung started to go into a full-fledged shut down. I called my wonderful A/C person and he said he would come and look at the unit after he finished two other calls.

The problem he said would be getting a replacement fan motor that would fit my system, but he would do his best. After I hung and contemplated what he would find, it hit me. Fifteen years ago I had the same problem and I had ordered an exact replacement motor. I was able to repair the old motor and set the new one aside and it became part of the “Junk”.

I found it buried underneath a pile of parts and “stuff”. The repair person came and had it installed in a couple of hours. I thank the Lord for a cool house today. My problem is, based on this story, what do I get rid of and what do I keep.