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What you are seeing here today is the future of the CPA Office. That is the Virtual CPA office. Now before any of you traditional folks click "Back", let me assure you that we do offer conventional CPA services in a conventional cost effective setting.

Having said that let me share with you why we at Jerry E. Bartram, CPA have taken this radical approach to the CPA practice. The reason is "Our Clients".


Accountants for years have held up in large (and costly) offices. The reason was simple. The "Books" had to be available to everyone working on the account. From the partner to the junior accountant. When one person was working on the books no one else could. You went to the "books" storage area and the client file area to get the things you needed to do accounting. The tax library was huge and had to be centrally located. The more clients, the larger the firm, the larger the office. Today this paradigm is no longer true.

A few of us many years ago looked at this model and wished for a more relaxed way of doing accounting. Our profession is unique in that after we meet with the client, we can do the work most anywhere. This is unlike my health care clients where they have to see and touch the patients.

The Future in Accounting

The Virtual CPA office is an office that does technically state of the art, high quality, personalized CPA services but the clients can live anywhere and office workers of the firm sometime live miles away. Sounds crazy? Before you say yes, look at the advantages to the client:

  • A major cost saving. Many Virtual CPA firms are home based.
  • The client has access to some of the best specialist in the country.
  • The client has control over the writing and recording of cash receipts and check disbursements. We train your people to do your payroll tax deposits and forms or we will do them for you.
  • You can do as mush or as little as you feel like doing.
  • The client does not pay for expensive buildings, office overhead, nonproductive employees, seasonal downtime. Your paying for accounting not the ambiance.
  • No more of this drill: 
    • You meet in an expensive office with the partner of a firm. The work gets sent to the back office where you pay a new accounting graduate for his/her "on the job training". The next time the partner looks at you work is when he/she reviews it just before it is mailed to you.
      • If you think the $250.00 - $500.00 per hour partner is doing your work, you have been badly mislead. A good rule of thumb is that the larger the hourly fee, the less that person will be involved with your work.
      • Many CPA partners have never run a medical practice or for that mater any business. Why not chose one who has done what he is asking you to do?
  • Access to his/her accountant. You know who is going to be doing the work and the qualifications of that person.
  • You don't have to wait for that monthly or quarterly news letter. When something breaks you will receive e-mail immediately of information that affect you. The CPA will host his own site so he/she can upload information when it becomes available.
  • No more going to the CPA office and waiting. You can send you information at midnight if that is what you want. You can review the results when you want to.
  • Where the client lives is no longer relivent.


  • You contact me by clicking on my e-mail address below or pick up the phone and call.
  • We talk about what your needs are and if this is an area that we work in.
  • We discuss fees and send you our references.
  • If your bookkeeping is on a program like Quickbooks, you send your file as an attached e-mail message or we can arrange for an pcAnywhere download.
  • Source documents are scanned in to a program like Visioner and the file attached to an e-mail or downloaded.
  • I do your work personally. If there is an area I don't do, I will consult with you as to an expert that does.
  • I e-mail or pcAnywhere upload your finished work. I e-mail you your financial statements, followed up a typed and bound copy if you wish.
  • We make a telephone appointment to go over your financial statements and at that time we talk not only about the numbers but what you could do to reach you financial goals buy improving your practice or business. Consultation is only a phone call away.
  • As soon as the bandwidth improves, we will offer vidoconferencing, white boarding, etc.

If this sounds like something you might be interested in, please call or click on my e-mail below.

P.S. We will be looking forward to meeting with you soon.


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