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  • Planning for Families
  • Practical Federal Tax Update for Individuals and
  • Collection Defense Tactics: Strategies to
  • California State Taxation: Corporate and
  • Federal and State Tax Update for Individuals and
  • Retirement Distributions: Planning Options
  • Advanced Flow Through Entities Conference
  • Tax and Financial Planning for High Income and/or Tax
  • Yellow Book: Goverment Auditing Standards
  • Federal Estate Tax: Preparation of the 706
  • Financial Statements and Tax Fraud Conference
  • Summary Accounting for Trusts and Estates
  • Individual Income Tax Returns Workshop
  • Family Law Conference
  • Valuation Conference
  • Fraud Conference
  • Advanced Litigation Support Conference
  • Fraud and Economic Damages Conference
  • Conducting Fraud Examinations - Gathering the Evidence
  • Conducting Fraud Examinations – Proving the Case
  • The CPA Valuator – Expert Witness
  • Audit Planning Integrating Fraud
  • Services to Physicians and Other Health Care Providers
  • Profitability in Medical Practices: Financial Management, Operations and Strategy
  • Managing Medical Practice Reimbursement: Real Life Activities that Improve Payments
  • Protecting and Preserving Wealth
  • Course Work Preparing to become a Certified Fraud Examiner.
  • Not-For Profit Organizations: Accounting & Auditing
  • Tax Strategies for the High-Income Individual Conference
  • Federal Estate Tax: Preparation of the 706
  • Tax Consequences of Divorce
  • Million-Dollar Financial Manager – Financial Practices for Survival in the 21st Century
  • College Financial Aid: The Best Kept Secret in America
  • California State Taxation: Corporate and Individual Update
  • International Tax Issues for Individuals: Taxation of Resident and Non-Resident Aliens
  • Tax Update Part I and II: Individuals Federal and State
  • Practical Workshop on Trust Administration of the Living Trust
  • When Clients Die: Post-Mortem Tax Returns and Tax Planning
  • Tax Traps for C Corporations
  • Retirement Distributions – Planning Options
  • Retirement Planning: Financial Strategies for Today's Aging Population
  • Fiduciary Accounting for Estate and Trusts
  • Advanced Wealth Management
  • Planning for IRS Audits of Income Tax Returns
  • Estate Planning for the Elderly: Eldercare for the New Millennium
  • Tax Issues of Operating a Small Business in California
  • Closely held Corporation Review and Update
  • Introduction to Personal Financial Planning
  • Pension and Profit Sharing Plan Strategies
  • Advanced Tax Planning With Charitable Techniques
  • Ethics, Taxes and Financial Reporting
  • School Districts Conference
  • Not-For-Profit Organization Conference
  • Choosing the Right Business Entity
  • Succession Planning for the Closely Held Business
  • Federal Income Taxation of LLC's & Partnerships
  • Introduction to Estate & Gift Taxation
  • Maximizing Social Security Benefits
  • Succession Planning for the Closely Held Business
  • Protecting and Preserving Wealth into the Next Millennium
  • Generation Skipping Transfer Tax and Succession in the Family Business
  • Life Insurance: The Agony and Ecstasy
  • Practical Update in Financial Accounting and Auditing
  • Compilation and Review: Basic Review and Update
  • Other Comprehensive Basis of Accounting
  • Essential Documentation/Review of Working Papers
  • Non Profit Consulting
  • Business Pass Through Entity Update
  • Creative Tax Strategies for the Sale and Disposition of Real Estate and Other Assets
  • Internet -- Effective Uses for Your Practice
  • Estate Planning: Quick and Easy
  • How to build a Successful Practice with TQS
  • The CPA's Role in the Investment Planning Process
  • Tax Strategies
  • Cash Flow Management
  • California Community Property
  • Introduction to Personal Financial Planning
  • 101 Tax Strategies for the Closely Held Business and Its Owners
  • Accounting Software Selection
  • S Corporation Taxation
  • Tax Planning and 1031 Exchanges

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