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After evaluating several on line accounting system, I had decided to sit on the sidelines until the technology had improved.  Recently I attended a CPA technology show and tried the latest version of NetLedger.  What a difference a few months made.  It is now fast, reliable, secure and very flexible.

The advantages of On-line accounting are these:

  • Your staff can work in your office entering checks, cash receipts, invoicing, etc.  At the end of the month, or quarter, I can access your account on line. If you sign up using my referral code there is no charge for me having access to your account.  I then can make whatever corrections, journal entries, etc. from my office.
  • I can prepare financial statements, download the general ledger into Microsoft Excel and do whatever analysis I need to do, without interfering with what you are doing.
  • Payroll becomes much easier.  I can do the balancing, reconciling and preparation of payroll reports and after I am finished, you can print the finished reports on your printer. (I don't think they have a state return yet.)
  • I can reconcile accounts and make whatever journal entries need to be done.
  • The security is great.  With Oracle's backing you will have very secure information.  Their backup and disaster planning is better than most offices.  Even if a hackers got to your information it would not allow them to do anything with it.  All account numbers, etc. will not be in the file.
  • You will never have a problem with synchronizing your office copy with my copy of the books.
  • There is great screen security.  You can set up multiple users with select criteria of what they can see and what functions they can perform.  This should help with internal control.
  • Your accounting system software is always up to date.  You will not have to pay for an annual renewal of software. The monthly cost, about $ 9.95 for the basic accounting, is less than a QuickBooks upgrade. They also offer a "suite" of services at an additional fee.
  • I help professionals all over the country.  This is a great service for those clients who have access to a DSL line or other high speed modem.  We will continue to serve our clients with traditional accounting services, using various software programs, and can now offer Internet accounting.  This shows our continued commitment to stay ahead of technology.


Why not take a free test drive.  I have loaded some sample data.  Click on http://www.oraclesmallbusiness .com/portal/portal.nl?affiliateid=16079

Rember to use the "Refresh" button on the page anytime that you change the date of what you are looking at.  It has a "feel" of QuickBooks Pro. If you can do it in QuickBooks you most likely can do it in NetLedger.

On the "Log In" screen enter:

     E-mail: TryMe@RedlandsCPA.com

     Password: try123

My affiliated ID number is 16079

Do what ever you want.  Enter checks, create invoices and accounts.  This is "junk" data, you can't crash it and can't hurt it.

If you have interest please E-mail me and lets talk about how this might work for you.

Quickbooks Online

QuickBooks for the Web — A Better Way to Serve My Clients

QuickBooks for the Web is an easy-to-learn online financial management solution from the maker of QuickBooks®. Now there's less need to swap disks or visit a client's site. You can service your clients more effectively by accessing their financial information anytime, from any Internet connection.*

Take a QuickTour specifically for accounting professionals to find out more about QuickBooks for the Web.

Or you can also view a complete list of features to learn more about this easy-to-use online solution, or take a look at our Frequently Asked Questions.

Anytime, Anywhere Access To Your Client's Finances

  • One set of books, always updated. You and your client can work simultaneously on the same set of books from different locations.
  • With real-time access to your client's financial information, you can give strategic advice and answer questions faster.
  • Multiple permission levels let you define who acesses the books and what activities they are permitted to view and/or edit
  • Expand your practice beyond geographic limits

Minimize Technology Hassles

  • Data is automatically backed up daily and stored in separate offsite locations.
  • Data is transmitted with 128-bit encryption and Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology to help prevent unauthorized access. This is the same type of technology used by financial institutions when transferring funds.
  • Upgrades occur automatically throughout the year, so every client can be working from the same version.

Easy to Learn, Easy to Use

  • Easy to learn, especially if you know QuickBooks for the desktop
  • Simple 1-time entry with QuickAdd, QuickFill, and QuickZoom®
  • Technical support is included for you and your clients

QuickBooks for the Web Is Ideal for Clients Who:

  • Have a high-speed Internet connection
  • Have users in multiple locations or need to work remotely
  • Are service-based or don't track inventory in their books
  • Need to access their financial data from multiple locations
  • Want their accountant, bookkeeper, or employees to have access
  • Invoice the same clients regularly (weekly, monthly, etc.)
  • Do not need an integrated payroll solution
  • Do not need purchase orders, estimating, or job costing

Try it out for free on a sample set of books.

Since our firm is a member of the Quickbooks Professional Advisors group, give us a call today and let us help you chose the right option.



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