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At Jerry E. Bartram, CPA, we provide a new strategy to increase your business profitability - outsourced accounting. Professionals and small businesses can now take advantage of this growing trend among large corporations who have found significant savings and business advantages in outsourcing their bookkeeping.

Freeing You to do what you do best - Through Outsourced Accounting & Management Advisory Services

Professionals, small businesses and non-profit organizations are skilled at providing their products and services but managing an accounting department is not part of their core competencies. As a result, too much is paid for processing their financial records - typically 25% - 40%.

Providing these vital accounting services is what we do best and in most cases, can provide better information for less than is currently paid. In addition, you get a CPA on your team to provide controllership services helping you to understand, interpret and advise you to make better financial decisions.

Affordable Outsourced Accounting and Tax Services - A CPA on your team is key to greater success & lower costs!

We offer the flexibility and cost savings of being an outsource solution for
part or all of your bookkeeping and payroll processing. Having been a CFO of a hospital and a dental school, we are in a unique position to help you succeed. We process the parts you are unable to handle or that are not cost effective for you such as invoicing, disbursements, payroll or, if needed, we can process the entire accounting function.

Free yourself to grow in your business with these benefits:


Save in bookkeeping costs - on average we see 25% -40% savings!


Internal Controls - Reduce risk of fraud


Experience - You get a team to process your work with a CPA


Productivity - Analysis available to better manage your people


Tax Strategy & Preparation - We can maximize your tax savings

Outsourcing is not for every business. Call us at (909) 790-1583 to determine if your business qualifies for these cost savings.

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