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Age 35 - 44 The Climbers

    Cut Your Spending and Debt.  Make sure to read the last part of the above section. This age is one of the toughest times for marriages and family finances.  You have earned the right to have credit.  Credit card companies are your enemies not your friends.  They want to put a "legal gun" to your head each pay day and take as much of your pay check as they can.

    One of the best cures for this is to go to garage sales of a retiring couple that are moving from their big house down to a retirement home.  Look at the "stuff" they have for sale and figure how long you would be willing to work to own it all.  Would that be an hour, a day or a week?  Then realize that what you see in front of you is a lifetime of blood, sweet and tears.  It is this sort of thing that couple get in fights and divorce over.  Then say to your self "Would I rather have financial freedom or this stuff when I reach their age?"

    Don't forget about insurance.  Don't put off looking at life insurance and especially disability insurance.  Make certain that if something happens to you - you will not financially devastate the ones you love.  My father died when I was four years of age without insurance.  I watched my mother struggle for years over that poor decision.

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