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Durable Power of Attorney Information
Information about using the Durable Power of Attorney in your estate planning



Best Self
Currently  a preview site, but early resources are focused on diet, exercise,  motivation and weight.

Free  program to create a workout plan designed for your body statistics  and workout experience.

Getfit  is an online fitness training service, the first of its kind to  tailor a personalized fitness program to each individual's goals and  needs.

At  HealthAllies you can search for affordable medical care, and you can  also find help in disputing high medical bills. They can show you  how to save on existing bills, too.

It's Your Body
Great  series of monthly articles on you and your body's health. "Not just  ordinary information, it's incredible knowledge which will empower  you to take control of your health."

Life Support System
When  you have one of those days, it's great to get a little pick-me-up in  your email box. Sometimes it can make all the difference in the way  your day starts. You can get an inspirational message via email  every day, if you sign up here.

The McKenna Group International
The  McKenna Group specializes in counseling employees in transition.  They can help if your employees need assistance during lay-off or  cutbacks.

Mind/Body Workouts
All  of these exercises are good for the body, but good for your spirit,  too. If you're feeling stressed out, try a couple of these breathing  exercises right now!

Is  cooking about the last thing on your mind right now? Well, you can  still eat well, and it doesn't have to take forever to get a meal on  the table. All the recipes at this site take 20 minutes or less to  prepare, and include the entire menu for a meal. All the recipes  include nutritional information, too.

Nutrio  has put together an entire lifestyle program for full body and mind  health. Nutritional, fitness, motivational and even cooking  information is all gathered in one place to help you look and feel  your very best.

Virtual Workout
If  you've got 15 minutes, you can do this workout! You can select  specialized exercises developed for specific muscles, or work your  way through the entire program. Either way, you can't say you don't  have time!

Vitamin Quiz
Think  you know everything about vitamins that you need to know? If you  take this short quiz, it may surprise you!"


Business Failure and Entrepreneurship in the U.S.
This  report, which originated in the Netherlands, examines U.S.  entrepreneurial business failure. Its most important finding is that  not only is it legal and practical for failures to start again,  considerable numbers of those who fail do turn around quite rapidly  and embark on their next enterprise.

Career Development through Self-Renewal. ERIC Digest
"Learning  how to move from situations we consider negative to positive ones is  an outcome of self-renewal.  This Digest examines several  perspectives on life cycles and change and presents strategies for  negotiating change through self-renewal."

Career Vector
The  Career Vectors System (CV System) is the only step-by-step tool that  guides you through the career process. Learn how your talents,  skills and personality translate into an exciting and satisfying  career.  This instrument was developed by F.E.G.S., one of the  nations' foremost leaders in career development and planning.

The Daily Motivator
Have  you lost your positive attitude?  Check in to this site, daily,  for motivational wisdom, art, and support when you need it.   You can have the Motivator delivered via e-mail every day,  too, for a small fee.

Dealing with Loss and Grieving
How  you deal with loss can color the rest of your life.  This  article discusses loss, and how to deal with it effectively.   Suffering the loss of a business can be just as traumatic as the  loss of a loved one, so please take the time to read this article.

Are  you suffering from depression? Do you know the signs of this  disease? Depression is nothing to be ashamed of. Learn some of the  causes of depression, and how you can treat it. You can get online  support here, too.

The Executive Network
Much  more than just a career guide, this is a portal for personal and  professional growth for professionals. Soon it will include  financial services, online learning, and immigration services.

Everything That Happens Is a 'Take'
Do  you remember Famous Amos Cookies?  Do you know what happened to  them?  Entrepreneur Wally Amos discusses how he founded, and  then lost, one of the most famous cookie companies of our time.

The Future Scrapbook
Quick  Disclaimer. The concept of a Future Scrapbook was created by the  founder of this site, Nicholas Hall. He found that by creating a  scrapbook, not of his past, but of his future, he ongoingly had  clarity of vision and purpose. It has been a powerful tool to help  Nicholas "bounce back".  

How to Achieve Real Wealth:  An Internet Guide to  Principle-Centered Properity
Very  good reading about getting back in the saddle- a slight hint of  religion, but far outweighed by good lessons and business  information.

Lean Behaviors
We  will teach you how to simultaneously improve both personal  productivity and business performance in the context of lean  business management. You will learn the philosophy and practice of  eliminating behavioral waste, resulting in improved utilization of  resources - an essential skill for entrepreneurs.

Mind Stretchers
Not  using that big brain of yours enough?  Try this large battery  of mind-expanding tests and IQ tests to get your brain back in  gear.
Free  goal-setting software you can use online. They also have free  motivational tapes you can listen to, and free motivational  postcards you can send to your friends.  has put together an entire lifestyle program for full body and mind  health. Nutrional, fitness, motivational and even cooking  information is all gathered in one place to help you look and feel  your very best.

Positive Press
Are  you sick and tired of depressing news every day?  Then you need  to read The Positive Press, filled with only good news  every day.  You can also network with other positive thinkers  and read a positive thought every day.  - the voice of the entrepreneur. Whether you've been there/done that  or are trying to learn how to become an entrepreneur,  brings together the best daily content in one place for you.

Ten Tips (+1) on Coping with Stress and Anxiety 
Tips  on coping with stress and anxiety, with links to other web sites  that offer relaxation exercises, classes, and on-line education or  self-hypnosis

Weekend Getaways

Babbling Brook Inn – Santa Cruz
Take  a virtual tour of this AAA rated Top Ten Bed & Breakfast in the  United States. Located on an acre of private gardens, with secluded  rooms and excellent service.

California Flyfishing
Do  you need to really get away? The Delta Lodge, 30 miles north of  Redding, may be just what you're looking for. All meals and  flyfishing instruction are included in the rate.

Highlands Inn - Monterey
Check  out these packages for a weekend getaway in beautiful Monterey. The  hotel also has a fine restaurant, and a view of Point Lobos.

Rated  one of the top 40 spas in North America by Conde Nast  Traveler.  Located in St. Helena, in the heart of the wine  country, and just a short drive from the Bay area.

Northstar at Tahoe
Northstar  is a wonderful getaway in summer as well as winter. If you book now  through November, you'll also get a free round of golf, along with  great summer rates. Northstar is located near the North Shore of  Lake Tahoe, and near the town of Truckee, CA.

Petite Auberge
You  say you don't have time to get away for a weekend? You don't have to  go very far to feel pampered and refreshed. Try this highly  recommended inn on Nob Hill. It's right in the middle of the City,  but you feel transported to the French countryside. Try it for a  quick weekend getaway!

Safari West
If  you've always wanted to go to Africa, but never got the chance,  don't despair. This fantastic wildlife preserve in Santa Rosa is the  next best thing. This preserve has over 300 varieties of animals  that you can photograph. You can stay in a luxurious tent cabin, or  the main lodge. Some meals are also provided.

Shadowridge Ranch Bed & Breakfast
If  you're looking to get away from it all, and you enjoy peace, quiet,  and upscale "rustic" lodging, then Shadowridge Ranch is for you. The  food is superb, the rooms are absolutely adorable, and the Davies  family are charming and gracious hosts. This is a place to sit back  on the patio, drink a glass of wine, enjoy the complementary gourmet  appetizers, and shed your worries. Outside Placerville, in the heart  of Gold Rush Country and El Dorado wine tasting.

Vacation Homes Unlimited
Are  you longing to get away, but don't see how you can afford it? Maybe  you can trade places! This site specializes in putting together  people who'd like to trade their homes for a certain amount of time.  Sometimes the family car or boat is part of the trade!  

Ventana Inn
This  legendary resort in Big Sur includes an excellent spa, besides  incredible views of the ocean.  In addition to the normal spa  massages and facials, Ventana also offers astrology readings and  ayurvedic sessions.

Whitegate Inn - Mendocino
Rated  as one of the best inns in California by Sunset Magazine, the  Whitegate is a charming bed & breakfast with peaceful gardens,  ocean views, and sumptuous breakfasts. A great weekend getaway by  the s ea!

Life Insurance Quotes Wiz provides free life insurance quotes from nationwide providers.

Money Business Search Engine
Business  search engine and portal with an Asian concentration.

Asset Protection Trusts That Really Work
Have  you heard about foreign trusts?  This informative article will  tell you what you need to know about setting up and maintaining a  foreign trust.
Excellent  site that covers every aspect of your money. Information on how to  handle investments, debt, small business loans, and much, much more.  If you have a question about money, you can find the answer here.

Better Business Bureau
Thinking of  buying an existing business? You can research existing businesses  here, and also find out about donating your excess business  equipment for a tax credit. Lots of useful information.

Executive Advisory Services
CEO/MBA  offers free email initial consultation on start up and all phases of  business development.  Can also help with entire funding and  company development.

Framework Consulting
Framework  Consulting, Inc. works with top leadership and often their entire  corporate personnel to create breakthrough results. Those are the  ones you really want, but don't know how to get. You can't get them  from your current thinking context--so you need a new one! That's  the work that Framework does -- shifting the context and therefore,  altering the results!

IBM:  Startup Resources,t=gr,p=suhp
Serving  the needs of startups, developerWorks brings together how-to  articles, forums to network and build alliances, and special offers  and services from IBM and third-party sources. A one-stop shop --  complete resources that match the needs of startups or those on the  rebound.
At  this site you can find commercial finance and funding, lists of  businesses for sale, and find lists of professionals looking for  opportunities. A great place to help you get back on your feet!
If you  have to relocate now, here's an excellent site to help you with all  your moving needs. You can look for a mover, find out about  mortgages and refinancing, and look for property nationwide.

National Foundation for Credit Counseling (NFCC)
National  Foundation for Credit Counseling (NFCC) is a national non-profit  network of 1,450 Neighborhood Financial Care CentersTM designed to  provide assistance to people dealing with stressful financial  situations.  

Prepaid Legal
Pre-Paid  Legal Services
If you need legal protection, or just peace of  mind, you can sign up with this company, and for a small yearly fee,  have access to a local attorney who will consult with you on  contracts, your rights, and many other services.

The Phoenix Organization
We  bring back companies from the ashes restoring value to your  investors and giving failing companies principles a sensible  alternative. Before you throw in the towel, make certain to check  out our unique program that has saved many companies on the brink of  closing down. Best of all, our program may be provided at no cost to  you!

Setec Security Technologies
Setec  Security Technologies Inc. provides Internet security and consulting  services, in addition to tools, news and related resources.

Silicon Solutions 2000, Inc.
We are a  retained search firm that deals with top companies that are well  funded start ups or publicly held.

Surviving the Lean Years
This  entrepreneur lost his business to the Internet.  Here he tells  how he survived, and how you can plan ahead for the "lean years."

Business Growth

How to Survive When You've Lost Your Monopoly
"Every  small business knows what is it like to have setbacks. They are part  of the culture. However, your small business can thrive on setbacks  like a shark rapaciously seizing a piece of steak thrown in the  water."

10 Deadly Mistakes of Business
If  you're having troubles with your start up, you might want to check  out this article on common business mistakes everybody can make.

Green's Startup™ Guide
Green's  Startup™ Guide and services can help new &  existing startups raise money from ActiveInvestors™.  Your new  investors are prevented from losing money with our Green's  "ActiveInvestor tax strategies."

Is Your Business Still Your Best Friend?
Do  you remember why you went into business for yourself in the first  place? Is it still what you really want to do? This insightful  article can help you answer those questions, and others, about being  in business for yourself.

Capital Steps,,ART1545_CNT53,00.html
"All  company founders know they need to raise capital.  But few  realize that as investors multiply, they need care -- even if  they're family."

Net Capital Fund
Net  Capital Fund is an Internet Accelerator providing early stage  businesses with access to capital, industry knowledge and  infrastructure.  Our mission is to assist in accelerating the  growth of our affiliate companies by providing financial, technical,  and strategic resources to emerging Internet and telecommunication  companies.  services provide a Web-based incubator for dotcom companies. Our  entrepreneurial services help entrepreneurs move from basic business  concept to investable entity as quickly as possible. Basically looks  like two guys who may have some good connections to help get your  idea to the right people.

Start Up Right
Helps  with project management for startups, especially with the needs of  companies that have money and are going through growing pains. They  work with companies in the SF Bay area.

A  place for young entrepreneurs to go to get answers about start ups,  funding, business plans, and many other topics. Also lists start up  venture capital sites for students and new business people.
If  you're ready to jump back in and found a startup you may want to  consider using to help you with the administrative  headaches like office space, business furniture, phone systems, etc.  They are currently working with companies primarily in the SF Bay  Area and you need to have investor money.
Classes  are held at the school's campuses in New York and San Francisco.  Learn what to do right, and what not to do in your next start up.

Super Capital
Super  Capital specializes in e-commerce and new technologies.  If you  need VC for your next startup, try Super Capital!
Great  resource on the best start ups. Reference materials, jobs, and lots  of information. Must register for some services.

Venture Vortex
Venture  Vortex is a new community for entrepreneurs and the venture capital  community. Made by entrepreneurs, for entrepreneurs, we feature  news, forums and tools to Educate Execute and Interact. Come on by.  No cost for entrepreneurs to sign up!


Debt Management

American Bankruptcy Institute
Is  bankruptcy the answer? Find out your options, and read a variety of  articles discussing what bankruptcy can and cannot do for you. Also  some great information on international bankruptcy laws.

Consumer Credit Counseling Service of San Francisco
This  non-profit local service helps consumers and businesses understand  and cope with debt. They offer free workshops to aid your financial  recovery.

Are  you worried about your credit? Find out how you can hang on to your  credit rating, or repair your less than perfect credit here. You can  order a free credit guide.

Fair Credit Reporting
Lots  of good information in this report by the Federal Trade Commission.  Learn what your credit rights are, how to get negative information  off your reports, and how to report violations.

Financial  marketplace for debt consolidation mortgages credit cards, consumer  loans and business financing. You can shop and compare thousands of  different services under one roof.

Commercial Debt Negotiation
This  company will negotiate with your business creditors to return 40-80%  of your debt, so you can get back on your feet and get back to  business.

The Dollar Stretcher
If  you need your money to go a little farther now, try reading this  interesting publication with tons of ideas on saving money. Not just  a "frugal living" newsletter, you'll find information on debt  management, zero coupon bonds, financing a college education, and  many other insightful tips.

Personal Finances: Managing Your Debt
Some  great tips from VISA on what you can do to manage your own credit  problems, and when you should turn to others for help and advice.


Executive Search Firms

Altius Search
Global  search firm specializing in the Internet, high technology, and  finance industries.

The Brighton Group
Provides  senior executives with comprehensive transition and career  management assistance. Included is partner-level consulting with The  Brighton Group principals, use of a private office and full clerical  and administrative support.
Need  a job, but want to make a difference? This firm specializes placing  jobs in non-profit, public sector, and socially conscious  organizations.

Findnetwork is an executive search firm. They specialize  in finding positions for executive managers in the new media and  Internet areas. They offer creative, technical and strategic  positions in these areas.

Forty Plus of Northern California
A  non-profit organization that provides professional job search  programs, valuable networking opportunities, and a wide variety of  resources to members who are executives, managers, and  professionals.

Futurestep  promises exclusive job opportunities that you won't find anywhere  else. It's sponsored by Korn/Ferry International, and the Wall  Street Journal.

Heidrick & Struggles International Technology  Practice
Search  firm who specializes in technology positions around the world. They  place over 1500 clients annually, in a wide variety of technical and  communications positions.

Pile and Company
Pile  and Company specializes in the marketing communications field, and  places clients in the high-tech, financial services, and health care  industries.

Facts About Executive Search Firms
Feeling  a little hesitant about using an executive search firm? If so, take  a look at this article. It will give you some tips on using  recruiters effectively, and what to look for in a firm. The article  specifically addresses health care firms, but has good tips that  apply to all.

RHI Consulting
This  division of Robert Half, Inc. specializes in IT and technology  positions. They also offer online training, and information on how  to turn your skills into consulting income.

Staff Writers  is a FREE job site where you can find a position for any skill  level. Whether you are bouncing back as an employee or an owner, we  can help. We specialize in writers, editors, marketing and creative  professionals. We work with companies in all industries.

Stewart/Laurence Associates
Specializes  in providing international firms with corporate executives who meet  their needs and qualifications. They work with industrial and  technological companies and executives.

TechExecNetwork  is a business resource for the high tech startup and fast growing  company.,
Changing careers and in need of a resume that will present your qualifications for the desired career change?  This company has been listed in McCall's magazine as one of the top resume writing services in the country. 

Jobs provides free access to career postings from companies, a resume wizard, relocation tools, national scholarship search, career articles, and a chatroom.

Career Journal
A nice colection of career related stories, columns and other materials from the Wall Street Journal.  You will find a lot of great advice here.

Google and Askme
Two great search engines that pop up new and unusual Web sites.  They can help you discover other career sites.

If you are at a career crossroads this has several assessment tools that might help.

This points you toward many career web sites, not just for job hunting but for things line salary surveys and career management.

Lots of job listings as most already know, but some overlook the good solid career advice.  It is more comprehensive than many of the job-posting sites.

This has a lot of offbeat listings that are worth exploring, if only to open you eyes to other posibilities.

Many recruiters from around the world are listed here.

This pay service will e-mail your resume to thousands of recruiters.  As with all job hunting sites, consider this a supplement to your other efforts, not a meracle cure.  Old fashioned networking still is the best way to find and land a job.

The best part of this site, by far, is that it has lots of salary information.  Whether you are applying for a job or trying to get a raise this can help you find out what others in your industry are earning.

A new site that has a Salary Wizard  calculator that can let you compare salaries for specific types of jobes in various parts of the country.

(The above 10 job listings were taken from an article by Dave Murphy, New York Times News Service, Published 9/10/2000 San Bernardino Sun)

Another  job board where you can post your resume, search for jobs, and  research companies. This one specializes in technical jobs, and  includes career resources, and a relocation calculator.

The Princeton Review Career Quiz.  It's a 24-question quiz that helps people analyze interests and work style.

Richard Nelson Bolles' site with articles on finding a career as well as links to Web sites offering self-assessment test, advice on using the Internet, and information on companies and job openings.  You can even e-mail a career counselor.

For a better understanding of you temperament and how it applies to careers and life choices, take this 36 question online survey.

CIO Wanted
A job  resource provided by CIO Magazine. Jobs are updated daily,  and searchable by area. You can also get email updates of new jobs  posted.

6 Figure Jobs
THE  job board for experienced professionals and entrepreneurs. Totally  confidential job searching and resume posting, and it's free.
Bay Area  and Silicon Valley jobs in a wide variety of areas are covered here.  You can search by company or job type.

One  of the very best job search centers in the Bay Area. Craigslist is  broken down by job area, and date the job is posted. Check here  first for jobs in your area!

Christian & Timbers' List of the Hottest Executive Jobs in  2000
You  can download the complete report in PDF format, you'll need Adobe  Acrobat Reader. Not surprisingly, ALL the jobs revolve around  technology.

A  job board for recruiters and job seekers, exclusively for executives  looking for jobs over $100K. Must be a member to search jobs, but  plenty of free information, too.

Career Objectives
This  firm guarantees that you'll have interviews within 30 days when you  use their service, or they'll rewrite your resume for free.

Hoover's Top Employers,1334,27,00.html
One  of the top investing sites on the web offers their list of the best  employers to work for. They also offer career planning advice, an  area where you can research employers, and an online training  center, just in case you need some skill polishing.

Internet Job Source
Lists  jobs in several high-tech areas, including the Silicon Valley. You  can also research companies and post your resume.
Do  you just want to get out of town? If you're looking for an overseas  job, you can find a wide variety of opportunities here. Search by  job, top country, or most currently listed.

Find a Job Online in 30 Days
Excellent  course that will teach you the in's and out's of looking for a job  online. The instructor will walk you through writing a resume that  can be posted online, how to cold call and research the firms who  are hiring, and how to interview effectively. Must be a member to  take the course. Costs $19.95.

Start up Jobs
A  nice listing of jobs available in the high tech industry. If you  want to jump right back in, then this is a good place to look.  Nicely divided into categories and job types. Job Center
Register  for this job board, and you can search for executive jobs, post your  resume, and find the latest news on who's hiring, and who's laying  off.

The Transition Team
The  Transition Team can help with employees in transition, job  searching, and professional services. Take their 59 Second Survey  and find out if they can help you.

Silicon Valley Job Source
Find  jobs at top companies in Silicon Valley.
Career  site with jobs narrowed down to several different fields, as well as  company information, new job notification, and posting of resumes.  Good place to start your job search.



Family Support America
In the midst  of the stress of everyday life, don't forget what is most important  in your life – the people who love you. This organization's goal is  to strengthen America by strengthening her families.

How long will it take to pay off my credit card(s)?

How long until my loan is paid off?

What would my loan payments be?

Do I have too much debt?

What is the balance on my loan?

Should I consolidate my personal debt into a new loan?

Restructuring debts for accelerated payoff

Which is better: Cash up front or payments over time?

What is the impact of making extra payments on my debt?

Should I pay off debt or invest?

Should I transfer my credit card balances?


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65 and Up - The Retired

    Think twice about retiring.  One way of doing this is to take a two month leave of absence if your company allows it.  See how things go at home.  Most men and women have no idea what it is like not to have a job to go to.  The warning sign is the ever increasing rate of divorce in this age group.  As my wife once said, "I married you for better or worse, but not from 8 to 5".

    Check out a new community before you buy a retirement home.  It is smart to rent for a year of so before you buy.  That way you will have time to see if you want to be closer (or further) from the grandchildren.  Can you afford to live there?  How is the climate, setting, attractions?  The risk of losing money on the sale of a house that is owned for only a short period of time is generally greater than the possible appeciation in the home.

    You need to preserve your assets and prevent them from losing value to inflation.  This is a time in life to watch out for scams.  Many retirees are duped because they are trying to make up in a few years what they failed to do over a lifetime.  Be cautious about who you trust.  If wives have not been involved in finances now, is the time to become acquainted.

    A great gift that a husband can do for his wife is to write out what he would have his wife do if he were no longer in the picture.  A check list works well.  E-mail me and I will send you a copy of one that I use.

    Helpful Links

    Retirement Living Information Center (The Gateway to Resources for Senior Living)

    TITLE: Long Term Care Insurance Free Comparison Quotes and Research Center

    DESCRIPTION: Tips, tools, traps and tricks exposed for winning the insurance game now. Trusted public service decision assistance thru Buyers Advocates sponsored by the National Advisory Council since 1995.

    Reverse Mortgage Option (J of A

    Long Term Care Insurance Rate Reporter - Insider Secrets

    DESCRIPTION: Long term care insurance strategies, companies & rates compared as a public service for buyers. Personal guidance sponsored by the National Advisory Council's Buyers Advocate Outreach.

    Aging Parents and Elder Care
    Providing care for our aging parents or elder spouse can often be very frustrating, with new surprises almost every day. Whether you care for aging parents in your home, or manage elder care plans from a distance, most of us don't know where to go for reliable answers ... or even what questions to ask. Here's help.

    ... for the best years of your life

    If you've already retired ... preparing for retirement ... or just thinking about it, Today's Seniors has solutions to help simplify your life ... to get the most out of retirement ... and eliminate the hassles. You'll find reliable information about a wide range of topics such as:

    AARP State-by-State Guide to Nursing Home Performance Data

    Nursing Home Evaluation Checklist

    Check out MetLife's survey for average costs of nursing homes and home care in many cities around the country. (Also, see MetLife's report on assisted living.)

    H.E.L.P. Helping People Meet Aging - Related Legal and Care Challenges. (

    How Old Are You?

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